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About Elmer and Margaret


Elmer is best described as a man who loves God and loves people! He has a way of listening past words and listening directly to the heart. He desires everyone to walk in freedom and in the fullness of God’s love.  He has been ministering to people since he became a Christian in 1995. 

Because of his passion for marriages he and his wife founded The Divine Design of Marriage Conference.  A conference meant to encourage, strengthen, and support marriages.

He grew up in Berne, IN and has been on a journey that has led him from his Amish upbringing, not knowing Jesus, to where he is now walking in his gifts and calling as a redeemed man!

Elmer resides in Shipshewana, IN with his wife Margaret. They are the parents of five wonderful children, two beautiful in-loves, and three precious grandchildren. The grandchildren are especially fond of their Papa!


Margaret is an advocate for change. Change on views. Change in hearts. Change in relationships. Change in lives. She knows true change happens when you encounter God’s love. She has truly experienced this love and is therefore able to love you without an agenda.

 She was born and raised in an Amish community in Berne, IN. She met Jesus there and life has been a wild adventure ever since! She now lives in Shipshewana with her husband Elmer. They have five children, two in-laws, and three grandkids. The kiddos always know that spending the day with “Grandma Margaret” is the best! 

Margaret has found that healing is a process… one of the final stages in healing is using your experience to help other people. She shows that pain doesn’t get to dictate your story. Margaret uses her own life experience to illustrate that there is so much freedom, healing, and love found in Jesus. She is a beautiful example of redemption and fulfillment in Jesus and lives her life in expectation of what Jesus is going to do in, with and for you!

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